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Matt Nesbeth - Q&A

What was your favourite project with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

Matt NesbethThis is a difficult one. ‘Just Do It’ (2007) was a fun project to work on. I was awarded it though a Club Flix pitching competition and it was my third attempt as a Writer/Director. The whole thing was very well packaged because the winning filmmakers were given all the basic pre production tools needed ( all the print outs, realise forms, story boards etc) as well as meetings with mentors at Club Flix from pre right through to post production. And not forgetting all the camera kit and editing facilities. I remember it being one of the first Club Flix films shot on HDV. It was a very exciting time! The Kaynsham festival commissioned Club Flix to document their arts project EWFA in 2007 in which I was directing and editing. The whole process felt very professional, and it was. I attended meetings with the organisers, went through the site rekki and created a very tight shooting schedule. The event itself would start at one location and work its way through to various other spots at the festival until coming to a final spot at the main tent. There was a marching drum band, singers, stage performances, the lot. I had to coordinate three camera people, making sure they were at certain spots at certain times. It was quite a challenge but felt great once we locked the edit and realised what we had achieved. Clippy (2008) was a First Light film which I was involved in. As well as getting the opportunity to work on script development with Mark Simon Hewis, I was also given the challenge of editing it all together at the end. I had never cut anything like this before. It was a mochumentary shot hand held in a naturalist style. It was a lot of fun cutting it all together.

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

(bit stuck with this one – some of the best things are included in all the other questions)

What are you doing now?

(College/Uni/Work Experience? I am currently in my final year studying Media Practice at UWE Bristol.

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on any career decisions you made?

Yes definitely. One of the key decisions I had to make was weather or not I would go to university. I was 21 and working as a runner at Films@59 so I was already at the bottom of the ladder with the intention of working my way up. Despite this I was intrigued by the idea of experiencing the university lifestyle and education. I hadn’t much cared for academics up until this point and really craved an academic education in a field that I loved. The course up at UWE included both practical and theoretical training so this seemed right for me. I had asked around1000 people their opinions about weather I should go. Some people said I was mad, that I would do better getting hands on experience in the industry and that uni would be a waste of time and money. Other people voted for it. Club Flix and Suited gave me their words of wisdom and with a little sway from David Sproxston (who attended a Club Flix Q&A) I made my decision to at least apply. In the end I realised that deep down I had already made the decision to go. I had to just go for it, otherwise I would regret it.

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on your school / college / uni work?

I had to repeat a year a Sixth Form because I was a complete bum. I joined Club flix in my third year and with my new found ambition I found a lot more drive to really get my head down Matthew Nesbeth 01/01/2012 a plough out my A level studies. Without ambition you’ve really got no reason to bother with anything, Club Flix gave me the ambition I needed.

Are there links and / or contacts which you made during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted who helped you or who you are still working with?

Absolutely! Apart from all the amazing Club Flixers who I still collaborate with to this day, I’ve made links with the likes of South West screen, UKFC (may it rest in piece) Calling the Shots, BBC Bristol and Encounters Film Festival. By making these initial links I was able to build on them and make links with other industry folk and individuals.. I was on the lottery panel for SWS, made a Digital Short, worked on other films through the BBC, it goes on. Club Flix help you make the initial connection, the rest is up to you!

Why do you think Club Flix is an important program for young people?

Club Flix gives young people the opportunity to express themselves creatively through film-making. It introduces them to life skills such team working and collaboration, problem solving, technical skills, writing skills and opens up a world of opportunity which is otherwise hard to crack. I’ve always seen Chris and Sara as my parent’s of the film industry. They raised the filmmaker within me, taught me about this exciting new world and sent me on my way, and to be honest, I don’t know where I’d be without them. There are so many young people out there who have a talent and innate interest for something, they just don’t realise it yet. But, if they’re given the opportunity to explore this untapped love for something, the rest is history. Schemes like this really turn lives around and help mould a new generation of filmmakers.

How could we have helped you more?

Club Flix have done more for me than I ever could have imagined. (Note: If I can think of anything constructive I’ll let you know)



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