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Liam Southall - Q&A

What was your favourite project with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

Liam SouthallI have been involved in so many amazing Club Flix / Suited and Booted projects over the years it would be really difficult to pick just one project. The summer schools really were amazing in providing us with an insight into the industry unlike anything I had ever experienced before (or since). The one to one training with industry professionals was amazing, it felt like we were accelerating or knowledge as filmmakers day by day. Club Flix's event 'Your Screen', in which young filmmakers came together a couple times a year to exhibit their work on a big screen, was also memorable. It really was inspiring to see what other young filmmakers were doing and it felt like no other film club was doing it at the time.

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

One of the most memorable things from my time at Club Flix was going to the First Light awards at the Leicester Square Odeon. I remember just seeing all these famous people and all these young filmmakers from around the country as passionate about their films as we were, it was amazing.

What are you doing now?

(College/Uni/Work Experience?) In the summer I graduated from the BA (Hons) Television Production course at Bournemouth University. I am now a freelance director / cameraman and have produced work for a range of different clients including Channel 4 and one of the U.K's leading renewable energy producers.

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on any career decisions you made?

Club Flix and Suited and Booted impacted on my career decisions. Before I met them I knew I wanted to work in TV and Film but I did not know how to go about it. Club Flix and Suited and Booted helped me collaborate with other young filmmakers and become a more confident person.

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on your school / college / uni work?

The skills I learnt from Club Flix and Suited and Booted had a huge effect on my university experience. I arrived with an advantage over everybody else; I had already had lots of hands on experience in directing, shooting and editing films with Club Flix. I also had connections within the industry that gave me an insight into the business.

Are there links and / or contacts which you made during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted who helped you or who you are still working with?

I still meet up regularly with filmmakers I met whilst at Club Flix. We often offer support and feedback to each other’s new work. Last year I was shooting a music video and we needed a camera assistant, I called on an old Club Flixer to come and do the job as he was the best man for it.

Why do you think Club Flix is an important program for young people?

On so many levels I think the Club Flix program is important for young people. It offers young aspiring filmmakers the chance to improve and perfect their skills unlike any other young film scheme I know. It gives a truly priceless insight into the industry through some of its training and events. It also is a great place for young people to come and meet other people as passionate about film as they are. It is a great personality builder, it brought me into contact with a range of people who I would have never met without Club Flix. It made me a more confident person, dealing regularly with people both young and old gave me a confidence that could transfer into any career.

How could we have helped you more?

I don't think you could have done any more



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