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Jack Crocker - Q&A

What was your favourite project with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

Fake Tales of Batimo Greenstripe, it was a short film workshop ran by Club Flix and BBC Blast, I was 15, and to this day it is probably the most fun project I've ever directed!

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

My very first encounter with Club Flix; I was 14, it was a pitching event and my sister and I stood on stage pitching our hearts out for a story we were making up as we went along, and at the end of the night we were asked to join the club flix steering group and a few months later cameras were rolling on that short film we pitched!

What are you doing now? (College/Uni/Work Experience?)

I just turned 20 the other week, I work freelance in the film industry in va rious departments, I just flew back from Hollywood yesterday and whilst I was out there I managed to shoot my latest short film with an American crew!

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on any career decisions you made?

Absolutely, they provided the foundations for them. The knowledge I gained about filmmaking at club flix and suited and booted was enough for me to feel confident I could handle going straight into the industry without university, and I was right. Also the multitude of skills in different areas that I gained from them means in my work I'm not really restricted in what department I can work for in the industry, which not only helps me do a better job at whatever I'm doing (because I unde rstand how my job relates to everyone else's) but also means I'm less restricted when I 'm looking for work, for example since entering the industry a year ago I've never been out of work. Sometimes I'll even work 7 days a week because I'll be doing two jobs. Let 's hope that doesn't change anytime soon!

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on your school / college / uni work?

At 18, I got an A* in my photography A level because of the film I made for my final piece at the end of the course - that was my only A* and I only knew how to make it because of what i'd done with suited and booted, plus they lent me their kit for it! I did that qualification at a private school that I could only go to with a scholarship l received because of my extra-curricular work I did with club flix and the film club suited and booted help me s tart in my previous school.

Are there links and / or contacts which you made during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted who helped you or who you are still working with?

I made a lot of friends at club flix who I still collaborate with today on small projects, back in the day we always helped each other out when any of us were working on something, a few of them are just getting out of uni so I'm looking forward to working with them in the industry some time very soon.

Why do you think Club Flix is an important program for young people?

I often hear the phrases: 'getting into the film industry is abo ut getting your foot in the door' and 'it's who you know not what you know that counts'. Club Flix was an incredibly easy way for me to get my foot in the door with absolutely no previous connections to the industry, and then unlike with most people who get their foot in the door, because of Club Flix I knew why I wanted my foot in that door and what I needed to do to get it open and most importantly what I wanted to do once I walked through it. This is what Club Flix and Suited and Booted provide for all the young people they work with, they show kids a bright future they have the power to grab with both hands if they want it. What's more Club Flix and Suited and Booted will bring these opportunities to kids from all walks of life, in economic and social times like these we need more groups like this nurturing this country's future: socially, financially and culturally. I'd like to see someo ne argue why that work wasn't important.

How could we have helped you more?

The only way I can see Club Flix and Suited and Booted helping me more, was if they had more money to support the development of my filmmaking, had more money to invest in my productions and more money to employ specific staff just for the running of Club Flix.



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