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Elsbeth Wild - Q&A

What was your favourite project with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

As the Club Flix Co-ordinator for a short time my most favourite project was organising the Film and TV Symposium, which took place in March 2010. This event was organised by myself and Izzie Sewell, alongside Bath College and of course with the help of the Club Flix steering group. The symposium consisted of a short film competition, followed by a Q&A with a panel of industry professionals, which included the likes of Ken Loach, Stephen Woolley and Emma Lazenby. This was a great opportunity for young filmmakers to get their films watched by professionals and receive advice from those who work in the heart of the industry.

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted?

The most memorable experience for me while working with Suited and Booted was helping another young film group make their first film. This was most memorable because it showed how the success of Club Flix managed to spread further than Bath and across to Salisbury, where we helped other young filmmakers explore and enjoy how much fun filmmaking can be.

What are you doing now? (College/Uni/Work Experience?)

Since working for Suited and Booted I have graduated with a degree in Film and Media Studies in June 2011. I have recently been working on one of the Bristol iFeature films called ‘Flying Blind’ as the Production Assistant, as well as working on some corporate short films.

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on any career decisions you made?

Suited and Booted’s passion for film and their ethos about making films with a conscience has inspired me to want to do the same. They’ve given me the confidence to contact people that I wouldn’t normally, which is vital when working in an industry where it is all about who you know. I also learnt through helping out with Club Flix workshops that I enjoy working with young people and as a result I am looking into teaching in the future.

Did Club Flix / Suited and Booted impact on your school / college / uni work?

I started working for Suited and Booted whilst I was already at university, which complimented my degree perfectly. I felt I was able to understand the theory and practical elements behind filmmaking, whilst gaining work experience and learning the business side from Suited and Booted.

Are there links and / or contacts which you made during your time with Club Flix / Suited and Booted who helped you or who you are still working with?

I am still in touch with members from Club Flix. The staff at Suited and Booted, such as Ellie have helped me gain work placements with BBC Blast and also with the art department on a Channel 4 comedy. Sara and Chris have of course been a fantastic and well respected contact and I feel lucky to have such a great reference from them.

Why do you think Club Flix is an important program for young people?

I think Club Flix is a great club for young filmmakers and invaluable for the amount of skills each person will learn and use again in the future. As well as providing young people with fun workshops, these young people can learn just as much with Suited and Booted as they will in any school day. In workshops the young people have to use team work, co-ordinate themselves into different roles and think creatively by turning ideas into a finished product. They learn the several stages of filmmaking- script writing to making the film itself and finally editing. As well as taking away skills they will make great friends where they can enjoy a shared passion and really gain and insight into the industry with the many Club Flix events which are ran throughout the year.

How could we have helped you more?

I don’t feel that Suited and Booted could have helped me more.



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